The Brewery

From cold beer, to scratch cooked food, we are your home away from home. Put your feet up and take a sip of relaxation.

The Full Experience

We believe that a brewery should look like a brewery. After all, who doesn’t like to drink a beer while they gaze into the shiny metal vessels that once bore it?

As soon as you step inside, you’ll notice our brewhouse is completely visible behind our bar. Immerse yourself in our brewing process, the equipment and wonderful smells of a brewery. Have a question, ask your bartender about the craft beer we currently have getting happy in our tanks.

Ingredients to be Proud of

We work hard to source high-quality ingredients. Our premium grains, yeast, and hops are bought locally whenever possible. We believe that what goes in our beer should be just as important as what goes in our body.

Our beers are filled with compelling characteristics that come together perfectly in your glass.